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Hot - Color Flyweight Ball

Hot - Color Flyweight Ball Part Number: 3017
Item Group: athletic equipment, play balls, plastic balls

Price: $4.15


A Flyweight Ball makes throwing and catching games easier and safer for students with disabilities. These balls come in assorted bright colors allowing for easy tracking of the ball in any activity. The balls are ultra-lightweight making them non-threatening to catch.

Adjust the air pressure in the ball making it even easier for your students to grasp and hold. The balls are created to have a low bounce and to float through the air, making tracking and catching the ball easier for your students.
Flyweight Balls Ultra-Lightweight and Very Low Bounce! Slower speed makes Flyweight Balls easy to track and less threatening to catch.

Balls are easy to grasp and hold. Adjust air intake to control flight and bounce. Balls inflate by mouth or pin. Assorted, bright colors. Inflates 7 1/2"-10"..

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