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FLAGHOUSE Color Select Tennis Ball Set

FLAGHOUSE Color Select Tennis Ball Set Manufacturer: FLAGHOUSE
Part Number: 12585
Item Group: athletic equipment, tennis equipment, balls

Price: $4.95


Tennis balls are bright and nice to track, however the yellow can sometimes get lost in the background of the color of the courts and the surroundings. With the Flying Colors Tennis set, your students with special needs will be able to choose the color of their choice and be able to track the balls flight with greater ease.

No only are these balls great for tracking in tennis, but they are great for use in tossing and catching activities. Special needs students will be able to distinguish and match their color ball without mixing up with a classmatesGă' balls. The colored balls can be used for many activities with your students from tennis, to sorting games, and team activity games like Găústeal the tennis balls.

Găą Let your students experience greater success in tennis and more with the FlagHouse Flying Colors Tennis Ball Set.

Break your classes into sub-groups or add a GăústrokeGăą of color to your activities with these durable colored tennis balls. Not just for tennis, these versatile balls are ideal for any number of tossing and throwing games.

Set of six pressureless balls, 1 each Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange and Purple..

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FlagHouse has been a preferred vendor for GSA the official procurement office for the United States Federal Government and its entities, for over 10 years. Our Contract Number is GS07-F9390G.
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